Portraits - Photography by Lirio

What is a photograph?

I believe a photograph is a picture story that you create.

A photograph can be very powerful, it can even be magical!

It has the ability to transport you into the past, to stir long forgotten emotions of a special time.

Maybe it's of a special someone who is no longer in your life or a time when your children were young, it brings to mind their unique personalities and how special they were at that age or, it could be of you and that special time in your life, like an engagement, wedding or a pregnancy, or of you holding your newborn.

Those are captured memories that can never be replaced, a photograph is a story of you!

It captures that moment in time... & it's yours forever... to revisit like an old friend.  Time is fleeting and before you know it, it's gone.  My goal is to capture those moments in time that you want to remember.   Contact me today and lets capture your special moment!

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